Tiny Feet

Week 30

As I wrote about last week, Optimus Prime is 3 lb of kicking fury.  Most of the time it's entertaining, sometimes it's annoying, and every once in a while it is downright unpleasant.  Like the puking.  Luckily, the unpleasant kicks are few and far between.

At night, John and I usually read before we go to sleep and one of our favorite evening pastimes is watching OP rock and roll.  It is crazy how much he moves and how much my belly moves.  It's unreal.

The other night we were in bed and I was enjoying OP's nightly acrobatics display.  I happened to have my hand on the side of my belly while he was moving.  All of a sudden, I felt a foot.  Not just a kick, but an honest to God little tiny baby foot squarely kicked my palm.  I  mean, I felt the imprint of his little foot, maybe an inch and a half long, heel up to his toes, a complete little foot.  Maybe it doesn't sound like a big deal, but it was so freaking cool. 

I can feel him kick and move every day.  I hear his heartbeat at every doctor's appointment, but he's still a little abstract.  Yes there is a baby in there but it's still another two months before I get to actually see his face.  So feeling his foot was something tangible and real.  Man, I am so excited to meet my little boy.

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