Heavy Duty

While doing laundry not too long ago, I realized that my new breastfeeding boobs had completely destroyed the elastic on several of my old sports bras.  During my runs, I started to notice that even doubling up wasn't doing the trick any more.  So I decided it was time to upgrade to some seriously heavy-duty sports bras so I could once again run in comfort.
I should admit that I never buy expensive sports bras.  I usually use the $15 Target ones and have never had any problems.  I'm also not very good at replacing them every year or so.  The ones that I wore out were probably 5-10 years old and ready to be replaced anyway. 
Man, was I shocked at the price of a high quality sports bra.  I used the sports bra guide in the Title 9 catalog but didn't actually buy one through them.  I wanted to be able to try one on since I had no idea what my actual size has become.  I wandered down to Ultramax, my favorite local triathlon store, since I knew they carried Moving Comfort bras, some of the best-rated sports bras I've found.
After getting over the sticker shock of $56 for a sports bra, I bought this one.  Moving Comfort Juno.
Front view

Back view
This bras was advertised as no bounce, which was exactly what I need.  These boobs are working boobs now and I need a sports bra just to go for a walk, let alone run.  It has front adjustable straps and a back hook and loop closure.  It's a little difficult to put on the first time, but one you get the hang of it, it's easy.

I'm glad I went in to try a few on.  The first one I tried, I underestimated the size of my new boobs and when I went to pull it on, the front straps tore loose and went flying!  Next size up, please.  But I did find the right fit eventually.

This sports bra is great if you're large chested and want to run without giving yourself a black eye.  Not that I've tried a ton of control sports bras (I couldn't afford it) but I really love this one.  It is a little work to put on and get adjusted, but it's totally worth it.  I've been able to increase my mileage, and I've even put in a few faster miles (sub-8:30 pace) in this bra, all without bounce.  I liked it so much I bought a second one in white.  The only downside is that once I stop breastfeeding, I probably won't be able to wear either of these.