Week 32 Continued

They say pregnant women "nest" before the baby arrives.  Hormones maybe?  Sure, every other weird behavior is blamed on hormones.  I don't know that I've really been nesting in the traditional sense (says the woman who shampooed carpets and cleaned blinds last week), like planning and decorating the nursery, but I suppose I have been.  I'm making good progress on the baby quilt but I'm still not quite done.  Here's a little preview.

Penguins!  Top is assembled and pinned.
I'm in the process of hand tying it right now, but it's taking me a little longer than I thought.  Part of the problem are my "helpers".
String is fun!
But the funny thing is, I'm not the only one that is nesting.  John and I were looking at bassinets and couldn't find one that we liked that wasn't $1000.  So John made a bassinet that comes apart and stores flat.  Best part?  No ruffles or lace anywhere.  It's pretty simple in design and Mid-Century inspired.

Bassinet complete!
 See the quilt?  That was made by a former professor.  It's hard to see the details, but there are dinosaurs all over it.  It's amazing, and best of all, it's not pastel baby blue.  The orange and green go perfect in the baby's room.  The stuffed dino was also a gift from a relative.  I did dream we were having a baby dinosaur and all.

Portland approves of the bassinet but he seems to think it is a perfect sized cat bed.  We'll see what happens when there is a tiny human occupying Portland's space.

John also wants to replaced the kitchen sink, faucet, and back splash in October, before OP arrives.  Not that I'm complaining, I just thought it was funny.  We've always hated that sink and faucet, and the back splash leaves a lot to be desired.  But I thought I was supposed to be the one nesting!  I don't know that it's actually a hormone-driven behavior or if soon-to-be parents are just smart enough to realize once the little lump arrives, there won't be time for home projects or spring cleaning.  We'll keep on "nesting" as long as I have energy and John can think of projects!

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Kelly said...

The bassinet looks great! Especially with that new quilt!