Next Stop: NOLA 70.3!

After unsuccessfully attempting to put together long-term training plans, I realized that without a race date I wouldn't be able to make or stick to a training plan. So I signed up for the New Orleans 70.3 on April 18th, 2010. And then went for a tempo run.
My main goal for this race is to keep my fitness up over the winter and have a reason to actually spend some time in the pool and on the trainer. I'm also hoping for a sub-6 hour race, which is a realistic goal. At Boise I was 6:12, and the course in NOLA is much flatter and faster. If I stick to a training plan, taking off 12 minutes shouldn't be too hard. The biggest variable will be the temps. If its in the upper 80s, I could have some issues acclimating at best and serious GI issues at the worst.
The word is that my friend MO is also signing up and we have discussed having a friendly little wager. Since he is much faster, we are going to be competing for AG placement. I think that is a more level playing field. So far, the punishment for the loser has not been set.
Here are some of the ideas for the loser so far:
  • has to cook a meal of the winner's choice
  • wash and detail the winner's car
  • group trail run where the loser has to wear an "outfit" of the winner's choosing (there may have to be some ground rules with this one)

Any thoughts? Other ideas? It's too early to start the smack talk, that will have to wait at least until after the New Year.


Just in Time for the Holidays

I love the holidays and I love my family, I really do. But I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks all of the "together-time" can be a little overwhelming. Drinking a lot, eating more, and spending 18+ hours in the car is a lot to handle over a 5 day weekend. And that isn't even including the family part! The good news is that running shoes and clothes don't take up much room and I'm finally up to 60 full minutes of running at a time. I will maintain my sanity this holiday season. I will maintain my sanity this holiday season. I will maintain my sanity this holiday season.

This week, I ran 18 miles. Not too bad! I can tell when I don't stretch. That seems to make all the difference. I just need to keep doing yoga and listening to my feet/legs/back. Today I ran 7 miles in 60 minutes with MO and it was awesome. Other than I feel like I'm really out of running shape, it felt so good to move my legs again! I couldn't have kept that pace up for much longer, but man, it was a damn near perfect run. KM and I are going to be resuming our weekly run/rant after Thanksgiving. Maybe I'll be back in good shape sooner than I had hoped.

So enjoy your holiday! And if your family is like mine, don't forget to take your running shoes. :)



Well, I am happy to report that I have now ran over 5 miles without any pain! Woo hoo! This weekend, I'm going to run for an hour and see how that goes. I may try for 6-7 miles on Thursday, depending on the weather. While it's nice to be working upwards, I am feeling out of (running) shape for sure. Although I've noticed whenever KM and have an "easy" run, we never actually take it easy. I think we both like running fast too much. That's why she's a great friend and running partner - she never lets me slack off! I need to keep adding miles. I read today that it's only 11 weeks until Rocky and I've promised JB to pace. It will be my first time pacing, her first 100 and I definitely don't want to disappoint. I would love to offer her 40...

I finally joined a pool and have had some fantastic pool workouts. I put in 2500yd on Saturday, with some hard sets in the middle, sprints towards the end and a couple hundred yards of breath control. I was getting some funny looks at the end of my sprints. Apparently I was the only person swimming until my lungs were screaming. It's a good feeling. :)

I am still procrastinating on signing up for NOLA. I'm waiting for life to settle down a bit, but I should know by now that never happens. I should just take the plunge. That's what all this swim training is for, right?


Does this count?

Does sprinting through an airport with a carry-on count as speed work? If so, I put in my first speed session since Heartland on Sunday. As I was running down the terminal, I realized how much I miss running fast. At least it didn't hurt my foot.

I've only run once since last Thursday, an easy 4 miler with KM (formerly KT). I haven't been on the bike in about a week or done any swimming. But I've been logging 10 hr days at work consistently. Tonight I'm joining a community center so I'll have a nice place to swim (and do yoga). If the weather is decent this weekend, I'm going to try 5 miles on the trails and hopefully put in 30 miles on my bike. I still haven't signed up for New Orleans 70.3 yet. Maybe I should - that would force me to put together (and follow) a training plan, work be damned.


Steady Improvement

I am up to 4 pain-free miles! Woo hoo! I'm hoping next week to try 5!

I have to admit, this injury has been very humbling. It's hard to go from running for 3-4 hours at a time to running 3 or 4 miles. On my first 2 runs, I had to stop before I even broke a sweat. In the long run, I know that resting and rebuilding slowly is the best thing to do. But in the short term, it's driving me batty.

As a distraction to my non-running abilities, I'm planning my upcoming triathlon season. It is a good distraction. Right now, I have my sights set on 2 half-Ironman races: New Orleans in April and Branson in September. Yes, I said Branson. I plan on catching the Andy Williams show afterwards. Small races are fun and I'll sprinkle some in as they fit, but my priority is going to be going sub-6 at New Orleans and *possibly* sub-5:30 in September. Hey, what's the point of dreaming if you don't dream big? And after training for a 50 miler, the time commitment for a 70.3 isn't that bad.

I think I found a new pool and they also offer yoga classes. The best part is I can do a 3-mo membership, so I won't get stuck with a gym that I only use in the winter. I take that back, the best part is if a kid craps themselves in the kiddie pool, I won't have to get out of the lap pool.

This weekend, I'm in NOLA for a short trip, so I'm going to print out the bike and run course to take with. From what I hear, it should be flat and fast. I'm going to go back to daydreaming now...



I am still trying to rebuild my mileage after this stupid foot injury. I am up to 3 whole miles of running before my calf and foot get tight. I know, I know, I am a rock star. 3 miles. Wow. I am so frustrated with this injury. The absolute worst part is that running is my sanity. To be stressed out and not able to run is just awful. I like to run until I'm exhausted, and I always feel better. Now I barely break a sweat. I miss the quiet, too.

I am taking the minimalist approach to healing - I'm trying to strengthen my foot and increase my flexibility instead of having to rely on orthotics, night braces, etc. I think overall this is a better approach, it just means I have to rebuild slowly and let my body adapt. I've been trying to stretch at home and do yoga. I think when look at pools, I'm going to find someplace that also has yoga classes.

Over the weekend (and after a *few* libations) I offered to pace JB, another area ultra runner, on her first 100 at Rocky Raccoon in February. Apparently, I'm optimistic when I've been drinking. I did tell her to only count on me for 20 miles, and I think that is a very realistic goal by Feb. If I pick her up at mile 60 or mile 80, I assumes I can keep pace for 20 miles. I wish I could give her 40, but hopefully she'll have another pacer to help. Here's a picture from the night in question. No, I don't plan on running in my Wicked Witch costume.

We have finally had some decent weather this weekend and I was able to get 25 miles on my bike on Saturday and Sunday. I'm planning on a 4 mile run tonight. Hopefully the warmer weather will help my calf tightness. I'm working on my racing schedule for next year, hopefully I'll have that sorted out in the next few weeks.