Belly Shot!!

Week 31
Baby Belly @ 31 weeks!

It seemed about time to post a belly shot and after getting my official weight gain to date (24 lb) I figured now is as good a time as any.  31 weeks 2 day, only 2 months or 62 days until Optimus Prime is due to arrive!  Holy crap!

In case you're thinking "Well she's not that big for someone who's 7 months pregnant" here's a picture of where I started.  I may not look that big compared to other people, but I feel like a beach ball most days.  We had a weeding this last weekend so I made John play the "Is there any physical way this dress will zip up?" game.   The answer was "Sorry Sweetie" on all of them.  Good thing I still have a few stretchy dresses from Athleta that I can fit into.  Normally I wouldn't wear a casual athletic dress to a wedding, but it was better than yoga pants!
"Belly" @ 5 weeks
Pretty crazy, huh?  And look at those abs!  Damn, I was in good shape!  After OP arrives, I'll post the full on belly transformation and hopefully post-baby belly shrinkage, too.  What a wild ride, and we're not even finished yet!

As for Optimus Prime, he has successfully found my rib cage.  I also can't stand to eat raw vegetables anymore.  It's like trying to eat newspaper and I usually LOVE raw veggies for lunch.  I just can't do it.  Now ice cream, on the other hand, goes down just fine.