Good things to come!

 Week 33

According to ancient K-family folklore, a random sighting of the Wienermobile is an omen of good things to come.  Not necessarily on that day, but in the very near future.  This morning, on my way to work, guess what I saw in the McDonald's parking lot?

Oh, I wish I were an Oscar Mayer wiener...

And not surprisingly, it came all the way from WI.  (Oscar Mayer and Kraft are based in WI for those of you not from the Land of Beer, Cheese, and apparently, Wieners.)

Just for reference, the last time I saw the Wienermobile was at the KC downtown airport in 2008 while riding my bike.  In the next month, we closed on our house, John had a job offer for his current position at UMKC, and he graduated from ISU with his doctorate.  The last time John saw the Wienermobile was while driving through Iowa on his way to start grad school.  So these sightings are fairly rare but always indicate something good is in store!

I hope you all have a Wiener-rific day!

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Christi said...

That is good to know! I have never seen the weiner mobile but I will be on the look out!