An Ode to BCBSKC

Week 27

I finally received an insurance statement and bill for the specialist.  I was starting to wonder when it would show up since my first appointment was at week 12 and my last blood draw was at week 15.

I was a little nervous when I opened the bill, prepared for $1,000 or more of total charges.  My jaw hit the floor when I saw the actual total:


Holy crap.  $71.  That's it.  Apparently, the powers-that-be must have determined the screening was medically necessary and not routine and therefore, almost all of the charges were completely covered.  $684 for ultrasound - covered.  $110 for ultrasound technician - covered.  $148 for genetic counselor - covered.  $268 for labs and blood work - covered.  The only thing that wasn't covered was the charge for the maternal fetal specialist, but since I had hit my deductible for the year, I'm now in the 80/20 co-pay and $71 was what was left.

People love to complain when they have a bad experience and I don't blame them.  Sometimes you feel like complaining to social media is the only recourse you have.  Fair enough.  But rarely do people go online when they have a good experience and are happy.  And insurance companies get a bad rap, so I thought I would give Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City credit where it's due.

First, BCBSKC seriously has the BEST customer service reps I have ever had to deal with.  They were always polite and knowledgeable and very helpful.  There was one time when the rep I was speaking to needed more information to clarify something, so she took my number to call me back.  I actually heard back from her within 15 min with the answer.  I've never had to wait more than 1-2 minutes to speak with a rep, either. 

I had another rep on a different occasion who helped me straighten out an incorrect code on my very first ultrasound.  She actually called the diagnostic imaging center on my behalf to get all of the information required and then called me back after everything had been corrected.  That saved me at least 2 more phone calls.  It may not sound like a big deal, but when you've been calling multiple doctors' offices and keep getting re-routed to someone else, it was a relief to have her make the calls and get the information directly.

We have an insurance agent through work who is supposed to help us with coverage questions and claims but he's a little "old school" (read: sexist with what I suspect is a drinking problem).  I would much rather call customer service and deal with them.

While our coverage isn't the best, it is pretty good.  And kudos to BCBSKC for the customer service reps they hire and their training.  I can't say enough how helpful they were when I was going through a stressful time.

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Christi said...

That is awesome to hear that you had a great experience with medical insurance. I have not been so lucky. I won't go into that but I will give a shout out to my auto insurance company. Allstate did a great job helping my family out when my son totalled my truck. They always asked about him before starting their questions and they were quick to pay out bills. That have secured a permanent customer.