Baby prep

Week 33

We're now about 6 weeks from Optimus Prime's due date, and even though we don't have a crib or the baby's room 100% ready, we have been doing some baby preparations.
A few weeks ago, John was out of town all week.  Our neighbors gave us a very nice Ergo baby carrier as a gift.  Since John was gone and I was bored, I decided to try the carrier out.  Since I don't have a baby yet, I decided that Portland would make a good substitution.  It worked OK, but clearly the carrier was meant for a baby without a tail.

He was a pretty good sport.
And then he got squirmy.
 John and I also took a 5-week childbirth prep course through our hospital.  It was good but the highlight was the empathy belly the partners got to try out.  I told John that until that empathy belly could give you heartburn and constipation at the same time, it's not even close.

I don't think John would make a very good pregnant lady.
Last, we spent a few weeks looking at rocking chairs.  There aren't a whole lot of Mid-century or even just modern rocking chairs.  I finally found one we both liked from Thrive, and we ordered it Labor Day weekend.  It showed up this week.  You know you're getting old when you're anxiously awaiting the arrival of your new rocking chair.
Looks good in the living room and Nera approves.
Nera hasn't moved much from the chair all day.  Apparently, it has her seal of approval.  At least the cats seem to like the new baby furniture.  We'll see how much they like having an actual baby.

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Christi said...

Looks like you are right on track for OPs arrival!