Tired buns

The Tornado Alley is fast approaching and I realized on Sunday how little I've done since the 1/2. On Saturday, I rode the 56 mile course I trained on and I was more sore on Sunday that I was after the race. Not a good sign considering I have 112 miles to cover this Sat. I'm hoping the slower pace and more frequent stops will get me through.

Today's workout:
Best case - 40 miles on the bike
Likely case - 2 hours on the bike

Unless I grow wings and can do 20 mph, I'll probably have to cut my ride short due to the 90+ heat today and I think I'll be working late. 2 hour minimum though.

I'm having a tough time getting workouts in while DH is around. He's back at school this week, so I should be fine getting my workouts in. We have so much work on the house I feel guilty working out at night. And we still haven't resolved our difference in schedules. It's hard to be a morning person when you have to be quiet.

I'm thinking about 3 more races this year - 1 Oly and 2 sprint. I haven't signed up for any, but a lot of that depends on how much work on the house still need to get done by the end of July. I'd like to take all of next week and just put in time so hopefully I can go back to training after that. I can't seem to have a full-time career, work on the house, work out and still get 8 hrs of sleep. Something has to give and unfortunately, it's been a little of everything - I haven't trained enough lately, I haven't gotten much done on the house, and I haven't been sleeping as much as I need to. I've been a regular ball of sunshine lately. I need exercise and I need sleep but it's that darn guilt thing of taking too much time for myself. Oh well, I'll have to figure out a balance eventually.

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Patricio said...

Good luck on your 112 mile ride, you'll do great!

No sweat on balancing family, house, work, training... it will happen and it will work. It's not easy but it's doable. :)

Enjoy the nasty midwest weather... it's been crazy over here in STL... past weekend in the low 60s. Yesterday 98 (heat index of 110!!) Nice eh? :P