No exciting title for today.

Last night I got back in the pool for the first time since the 1/2. It was a 50m pool and I've only swam in a 25 yd pool, so it took a little to get used to. I can tell it's been a while since I swam by the sore abs from flip-turning.

Workout stats:
Dist - 2000m
Time - 44:35 (2:13/100m)
Calories - 254 (??I'm pretty sure my HR monitor lost contact for a while, should have been closer to 350 or 400)
Ave HR - 131
Max HR - 162

This morning I was able to overcome the Sleep Monster and drag myself out of bed for a 4 mile run. And I still made it to work on time. I was going to just do a slow run to shake the cobwebs loose, but I ended up running negative splits. I don't know what the exact distance was, but I ran out for 20 min and then turned around and did the run back in 16:45. About every 10 min I'd pick up the pace until I was at 5k effort on the last mile. It felt great. I went without socks to try to toughen up my feet and I only ended up with one small blister. I'd like to do all my sprints sans socks for faster transitions. Tonight I'm biking 20 miles easy. I'll post all of today's workouts tomorrow or Thursday.

I found out the Lake Stevens 70.3 was moved to a different weekend for '09. It is Aug 16th instead of 4th of July weekend. I'm a little disappointed - I was hoping for a free vacation day! Registration opens up this week. I'll probably wait until payday to sign up :)


Patricio said...

Excellent job on the century. I did the MS150 last year, and rode 100 miles the first day and 50 the next and I agree, the food is k.e.y.!

Crazy allergy... maybe you should try to flip the rubber band piece outside? I've seen a lot of ppl do that, dunno why to be honest but they do it. That way the rubber or silicone won't touch the skin.... just a thought. And you are so doing an IM! :)

Sounds like you are getting back on track on your training with a solid run and swim... right on Sam!


Patricio said...

BTW... what does cuencano mean?
Here's the answer: