Busy as a Bee

With the house renovations, I have been pretty darn busy but I did make time for the pool last night. I think I stumbled upon a tri-club's swim practice. At least there were several triathletes at the pool. The tri-suit and tan lines are a dead give away. There was also a girl there that blew by me like I was floating. She obviously has been swimming much longer than me and I thought it was pretty cool to see a girl smoke everyone in the lanes next to us, too.

Time: 44:41
Dist: 2000 m
Pace: 2:14/100m (2:02/100yd)

My HR monitor didn't make contact through the whole workout, so it's not even work posting that info. I might order a small chest strap for swimming since the M loses contact and I even have it pinned so it doesn't get loose. My swim goal for next year is to get to 2:10/100m or 2:00/100yd. I think another off season with the Masters will help get me there.

I am going to try to monitor my resting HR everyday. This morning I was at 56 bpm, which is higher than I was before the HIM. I blame it on lower aerobic capacity. I was at 53 bpm and I'd like to get back down to the lower 50s. Should be interesting to watch as I keep training. I was at 58 bpm before I seriously started HIM training and dropped to 53 in a few months. I weighed myself this morning too. I'm not going to post that number just yet. I'll just say I have about 7 pounds I'd like to drop permanently.

With work and the house, I've had to reorganize this week's schedule. Tonight I'm doing a brick out at SMP - 25/5 as long as the t-storms hold off. Friday morning I have a 5 mile tempo run and Friday night I'm back in the pool for 2000m. Saturday morning I'm biking 35 mi with DT (from work) and Sunday DH and I are doing 6 miles of super-hilly trails. I heard one lady called them bill-goat trails. You just have to hope you don't fall to the side - you'll tumble about 70 feet before you hit the bottom and there's nothing in the way to stop you.

I have new-found motivation to get all my workouts in - I signed up for the Jackson County triathlon long course this morning. I know I can finish it; I want to race it. I was looking at last year's times and I think I'll be slower than most, but I know what kind of paces I'd like to hit and that's the important thing.

DH and I are going to run in the KC 1/2 marathon this fall, too. He's going to run with me as a training run before his ultra. Since he has a Garmin 205, he's going to pace me so I can PR. My current PR is 1:59:01 (9:05/mi). I'm shooting for 1:55:00 (8:46/mi). And this time, I'm not donating blood 2 days before the race.

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