Alternative Workouts

Lask week was just one of those weeks where work consumed my life and I barely got a workout in. I did get two runs in and one bike but not what I was hoping for. And this weekend turned into a home-remodeling marathon. But I spent most of my time mudding and sanding walls and ceiling, and I painted some of the ceiling beams, so I did get a good shoulder and back workout.

I have a lot of house-related work I need to do this week so we can install our bathroom floor this weekend. I'm still hoping to get most of my workouts in. All runs have been moved to the morning due to the 90+ temps we're having. Tonight I'll try to hit the outdoor pool for another 5000m. I officially signed up for the Women's triathlon. I haven't signed up for the Jackson County tri yet. I had planned on doing the oly but I might drop down to the sprint. Probably not, but it's nice to have the option.

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Patricio said...

Man, we started re-doing our bathroom and then we'll re-do the kitchen, and only these 2 things have been crazy hectic, I can't even imagine all the stuff you guys are doing. Almost done though, right?

Keep the miles coming Sam!