7/24/08 - Brick

Last night I did a brick, which had had to cut short due to darkness. I did 18/4.5 and it was hot and humid out, not to mention windy on the bike.

Workout Stats:
Time : 1:54:12
Dist: 18 mi/4.5 mi
Calories: 1140
HR ave/max: 165/179

It was a tough workout due to the humidity. I felt like my skin was suffocating in sweat. I had to walk the steepest hill, mostly due to my skyrocketing HR. It took longer than normal for my HR to drop below 100, so I knew it was a tough workout and that was confirmed by my resting HR this morning. I know I should decrease my effort by about 10% when it's in the 90s with 90% humidity, but I never want to make a workout 'easy' when it's not supposed to be. And 16 mph on the bike and 9+ min/ mile running just don't feel like a real workout.

Daily Stats:
Resting HR: 58
Weight: 139.5

So I did it - I posted my weight for the world to see. My racing goal is 135. I was supposed to run this morning, but it was thundering and lightning outside. And with my HR up 4% from yesterday, I shouldn't feel guilty about missing a run. But I still feel guily. Tonight I have 2000m in the pool, unless it's closed due to t-storms, then I'll probably go for an hour-long run. The high is 93 at 5 pm today, so a pool workout would be enjoyable.

Tomorrow am, DT and I have a 30+ ride planned and another co-worker might join us. Sunday DH and I are still planning on hitting the trails. Since they're mostly shaded, it should be cooler than running on the road.

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Patricio said...

Nice workouts Sam!
Sounds like you are focusing on swimming for a bit, rigt on!

Monitoring the HR closely is a great idea, Coach has me doing almost the whole training using HR, HR zones, resting HR, etc. It's very interesting and helpful. Good luck with it!

Stay hydrated (it's been crazy, nasty hot and huimid here too)