Back in the saddle

I managed 33 miles last night in 2 hours. Man, was it windy and hot. Although, biking in 90+ heat is much better than running in it. I'm really working on my bike-shorts tan line.

Work out stats:
Time: 1:58:36
Calories: 1017
Ave HR: 151 (there are some big a$$ hills)

After riding this course a few more times, I would say it is every bit as difficult as the 1/2 IM course I did in Lawrence. It may even be a little worse since there is a steady 2 mile climb at the end. Killer! But it is fantastic for training, just not for an easy ride. I'm getting much better at spinning through the hills, even with a 15 mph head wind.

I finally made my training plan for the rest of the race season. I still have to sign up for the races, but at least I have a plan in place. With t-storms in the forecast for this afternoon/evening, I'm riding tomorrow and swimming tonight. I'm a little excited since I haven't swam since the 1/2.

Workout tonight:
2000 yd swim with at least 100 breath control and 200 stroke drills
(I'm hoping to get better at my flip turns, too, but that's not really important)

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