I took my first fall on the trails tonight. I scraped up my knee but bruised my ego more than anything. There was barely any blood, so it doesn't really count. Like a Nerd, I picked up and kept going.

Running with the Nerds on Tuesdays is a good, hard run for me. My ave HR was 171, which is really freakin' high. My max HR was 185. Not an all time high, but anytime I hit the 180s, I know I'm working hard. SMP is nice, but I think I prefer WyCo. I'm not good on the rocks - I blame my giant feet.

Tomorrow is a floater day and I think I'm going to take the night off so I can cook. I just don't have time to cook and workout during the same evening. Could be motivation for me to get up in the morning, but I don't see that happening.


Samantha said...

I think the ground reached up and grabbed you!!!
I mean I was running once and this tree branch just fell on the ground and tripped me.....DARN IT! It was all the tree's fault. Or at least thats the story I'm sticking too! Only sidelined me for 2 weeks with a twisted ankle......talk about feeling like a "tool". My hubby couldn't look at me without laughing for like 3 days and kept calling me "Grace".

Sleep in and cook! Thats what I say.....I'll get up early and ride my bike for 2 hours for the both of us! DEAL!
Just remember that when I attach a bungy cord to your bike on course @ Boise since you're WAY WAY faster than me. hee hee

Patricio said...

Hope the knee is dping fine.
Sweet car btw! And glkad to hear the new job is going well.
Your 2009 race plan looks good.. ultra marathon eh? you're crazy!! (I've always wanted to do that one too) :)