Winding Down

The racing season is coming to a close, at least for those of us with winter. I have one more triathlon and then I'm going to turn my attention toward improving my running. DH and I did 9.25 miles last night at the park. It's been a while since I've ran more than 1 hour, but I am feeling surprising well today.

The rain cancelled my ride today - I just don't feel safe on the roads in the rain. And actually, I was leaning towards having a cocktail today anyway. I submitted my 2 week notice at work this afternoon and I'm having a margarita. The last few days/weeks have been a little stressful with making this decision and having to tell my boss, so I figured I deserved a little unwinding time.

There is always plenty of time to get wound back up.


Patricio said...

Yup... can't believe it's the end of our tri season...
You 2 weeks? where you going? - sorry, don't mean top be nosey!
Good luck tho :)

And yes, go and have that drink (or 2). You deserve it!!!

Samantha said...

Hope all is well in your world! And that you've gotten some rest!
Good Luck with your bosses! And I agree go have a drink..or 2!