It's the little things...

that really make me happy, like new shoes and crisp fall air.

After several weeks with my Salomon shoes, I finally gave up. Those babies gave me blisters worse than cotton socks. I've never had blisters 3 layers deep before. Running is no fun when you can feel the skin on your feet pulling away. I did manage to get them good and dirty. I'm planning on cleaning them up and using them for street shoes and demoting my current street shoes to lawnmowing shoes.

I was in Topeka today for work, so I stopped by Great Plains Running Company to look at trail shoes. The 10% discount for being a KC Trail Nerd was pretty nice. They had a great selection of women's trail shoes, no small feat.

I ended up with Mizuno Wave Ascend 3s, in a very cool blue. I took them out for a 5 mile spin on the road to get them a little broke in before my weekly Thursday night run with the Nerds at WyCo. FYI, I have giant feet. I'm 5'4" and I had to get size 10! I normally run in 9.5 since my feet need the extra room on long runs (size 9 normally) but 10 was a new one. That means extra stability, right?

On a different note, my last triathlon is this weekend. It's really short, but it was the last in the season I could find. It's an all womens triathlon and I have mixed feelings about it, but I'll save that topic for an entirely different post. At the pre-race meeting, I could have been a rock start since I've done triathlons before. The number of newbies was unbelievable. Girl power and such, I guess, I don't really get it myself. I am excited about women's sized, dri-fit T-shirt though.


Samantha said...
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Samantha said...

Thats one good thing...fitted shirts! Whatever you do though... don't join hands and start singing Kumbaya or I'll have to "un-follow" you. LOL (jk)
As far as trail shoes go, have yo ever tried North Face Arnuva Boa's? They're pretty good!
Like the new kicks though.....was noticing today that mine sorta match the Jello I just made. Is that a bad or a good thing? Thankfully I don't think I wiggle quite as much when I run. LMAO ;P


Patricio said...

Those are some cool looking shoes! Let us know how they work for ya.
Sounds like the goodie bag for your race has some nice stuff...
Can't wait for the RR, u'll do great!

Jon C said...

I have the Wave 3 in bright red, they are great shoes, you'll love 'em