Mizuno Wave Ascend Shoe Review

We ran at WyCo last night and I got the chance to wear my shoes on the trails for the first time. Now I realize I have only worn them twice - once for 5 miles on pavement and last night for 4.5 miles on the trails, but I LOVE THESE SHOES!!

I didn't even think about my feet until Jim asked how the shoes were. No blisters, no rubbing, I had forgotten all about them. I was disappointed we cut the run a little short, but maybe that's a good thing with brand new shoes. I usually like to put in 4-5 runs less than 5 miles when I first get shoes to break them in. Hopefully next week we run for longer. I can tie these much tighter than the Salomon and they don't come loose since they are actual laces. The cut of the sole really helps my under-pronation problem, too. So, we will see how they do on a longer run, but I think I have found a good pair of trail shoes.

With all the rain, I was really expecting a muddy mess but it wasn't that bad. I was a little disappointed with that, too. I was really planning on taking my shoes home with no trace of blue left. I'll have to try again this weekend.

I am a little concerned about the triathlon tomorrow. 100% chance of precipitation between now and then but I don't know if there's a chance for T-storms (as lightning flashes outside my window). I just don't want to get out there and then have the race cancelled at 10 a.m. with the in-laws in town. I hope it clears off. Besides, DH was going to treat me to a post-race cinnamon roll, extra icing. Mmmm.


Samantha said...

The cinnamon roll itself is worth doing the race! I'll have to remember that for Boise or maybe the dh's will have to get us some rolls for post race treat! :)
I'll keep my fingers crossed for clear weather until after your race tomorrow.
Glad shoes worked out...now go stand in a bucket of mud if it makes you feel better!!


Patricio said...

Aaahhh.. the joy of a nice brand new running shoes... glad to hear they work for ya!
How was the tri?
Hope the weather cooperated.