1/2 marathon PR, here I come

I haven't formalized a training plan, so don't even ask. I'm still kinda in that "my season is over so I'm working out for fun" mode. But I realize if I really want a PR in the 1/2 (and I do) that I need to start putting in some serious miles and quality work.

Tonight I headed out for a long run. I figured I would take it easy and see how I felt after 30 min and then decide when to turn around. I was shooting for 8 miles minimum. Well, apparently I felt good since I put in about 10.4. Nice.

Here's the breakdown:

Time: 1:47:41 (includes 0.25 mile walk for cool down and several breaks for traffic lights)
Calories: 1025
HR ave/max: 161/173

I was shooting for an average HR in the low 160s so I was staying aerobic and not pushing my threshold too much. Good job, Sam. For a basic fitness run, I felt pretty good about it. I could complete a 1/2 without a problem, now it's time to work on speed. I think Wednesday I'm going to shoot for a short speed work session at the track. Probably 200 repeats to see how I'm feeling. I only have until the 18th to get ready for this. I'm hoping for 1:55, but any PR would be OK. In the back of my head I'm also looking at splits for a 1:50 finish. For a 3-toed sloth like myself, that would be an accomplishment. :)

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Samantha said...

3 toed sloth.....YEAH, cuz thats the very first thing I think of when I think of you! WHATEVER!!!!
Stay positive, you'll be great of that I have NO DOUBT!

(Rah Rah Shish Boom Bah)


We'll be racing same day...its my last tri and I really wanna KICK some A$$