Under the moon

If you haven't done any running at night this week (or very early in the morning) you're missing out. With the full moon on Wednesday night and relatively clear skies, night running this week has been amazing! Add the crisp, winter temps and I have had a great week of running. In the mornings, it has been so clear and bright that the moon was casting shadows and you didn't need a light.

Wednesday and Friday KM and I met for 5 miles before work. Wednesday's run we just ran 5, no Garmin or watches. This morning we did (3) 1/2 mile intervals with 1/2 mile rest between at 7:15/7:12/7:15 average paces. The last one about killed me. Was it not recently that we were doing full miles at those paces?? I suppose it has been 2 months since our last speed session. Yikes. I'm blaming the week-after effects of too much food in WI and the colder temps on my sloth-like feeling. This morning was my first run this season with the temps in the teens.

Next, I want to do a running Christmas lights tour. I want to wait another week in case more people put up lights this weekend, but what better way to get in the Christmas spirit? If we get some snow, that would be perfect. My absolute favorite runs are when it's about 25-30 degrees out and snowing. I love how quiet and calm it is, just the sound of your heart beating and your feet crunching through the snow. It's like the whole world belongs to you. If it is at night and the moon is full, well, that's just running perfection.


Cynical Dirt Doll said...

I was just thinking about rounding up my friends that live near the plaza and midtown and taking a holiday light run! I guess since we might get snow Tuesday and Wednesday those would be the days!

Sam said...

I'm in! A running lights tour and maybe a holiday cocktail afterwards? I think we should work on this...