My first Christmas gift

Woo Hoo! I got to open 1 gift early and it was a pair of Vibram 5-fingers! Actually, they were my husband's pair since he wanted me to go to the store to try them on. We did, but unfortunately they didn't have anything in my size. I originally wanted the KSO Treks, but they only make those in men's sizes and the smallest men's size was still too big for me. The KSOs were fine and fit, but they said none of their stores had anything in a women's 39 in stock.

We went home and John searched online for the KSO in a women's 39. There was only ONE store online that had a 39 KSO in stock and it was in the blue/camo combination above. Not my first color choice, but given my other options (i.e. none) I told him to go ahead and order them. So hopefully sometime next week I will be the newest owner of Vibrams!

I'm pretty excited. I don't plan on doing any trail running in them, but I do want to get some barefoot running in. I'm hoping the stretching, cross training, and running barefoot will prevent my PF from coming back. John took his out for a short run today and said they were awesome. With all of the barefoot (and I'm including Vibram wearers in this category) runners I know now, we may be able to organize a barefoot run this spring. Wouldn't that be a sight?4-6 runners all barefoot or in Vibrams. I will post more pictures once I have my feet in them!


Jason Robillard said...


Good luck with the Vibrams... they are excellent shoes! I wore the exact pair you have pictured in a 100 miler in September... they got me to the finish line. The trick to transitioning to minimalist shoes (or barefoot) is to go slow and be patient.

Best of luck!


Barefoot Josh said...

Awesome! It is cool to hear you guys are going to try things out. Definitely take it slow and careful with the transition (and the cold weather too). My most recent running attempts have all met with numbing feet.

It will be fun to have some competition in the tenderfoot division next summer.

Cynical Dirt Doll said...

YAY! Nick has been talking about trying to get a few times a month barefoot/vibram run going for ages now.... of course, spring sounds like a much better time to do it! I use mine on the treadmill at the gym since barefooting in there is verboten. But definitely take it slow, I didn't the first time and my calves were trashed for weeks.