Don't Eat the Yellow Snow

We are back in WI and I already got one run in. The temps here are a little bit colder and there is definitely more snow, like 12+ inches on the ground. My goal is to get 4-5 runs in this week, just enough to break a sweat most days and keep some cardio fitness. The snow makes things interesting and I wish I had screwed my shoes before we left.

We went out for a little over an hour today and even ran a short amount on some trails. I wish I had my trails shoes, because that was the best part of the run. My foot is still a little tight but doesn't hurt. I'm hoping that barefoot running will help strengthen my feet so this doesn't become a reoccurring issue.

We got a call on the Vibrams and... they're back ordered until January. The first place we ordered from appears not to exist, so we canceled the order through our credit card and put in an order someplace else. I picked out the all black ones instead of the blue/camo combo but then we got a call today and the black ones were back ordered even longer, so I'm getting the gray/purple combo, which was my second choice anyway. At this rate, I might actually have a pair by next Christmas.

No riding or swimming this week, but really my only goal is to NOT gain the usual 5 pounds that family holidays seem to include. Which would be easier if I wasn't addicted to Christmas cookies...

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