Next Stop: NOLA 70.3!

After unsuccessfully attempting to put together long-term training plans, I realized that without a race date I wouldn't be able to make or stick to a training plan. So I signed up for the New Orleans 70.3 on April 18th, 2010. And then went for a tempo run.
My main goal for this race is to keep my fitness up over the winter and have a reason to actually spend some time in the pool and on the trainer. I'm also hoping for a sub-6 hour race, which is a realistic goal. At Boise I was 6:12, and the course in NOLA is much flatter and faster. If I stick to a training plan, taking off 12 minutes shouldn't be too hard. The biggest variable will be the temps. If its in the upper 80s, I could have some issues acclimating at best and serious GI issues at the worst.
The word is that my friend MO is also signing up and we have discussed having a friendly little wager. Since he is much faster, we are going to be competing for AG placement. I think that is a more level playing field. So far, the punishment for the loser has not been set.
Here are some of the ideas for the loser so far:
  • has to cook a meal of the winner's choice
  • wash and detail the winner's car
  • group trail run where the loser has to wear an "outfit" of the winner's choosing (there may have to be some ground rules with this one)

Any thoughts? Other ideas? It's too early to start the smack talk, that will have to wait at least until after the New Year.

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Lee said...

There was a pretty good article in Ultrarunning mag about nutrition, and had some neat stuff to say re: race day GI issues. Basically, try mostly liquid foods (soups, ENSURE, etc) the day before your long runs. The theory is that the less there is in your system at the start line the less chance you'll have of overworking your stomach...just a thought...LC.