I am still trying to rebuild my mileage after this stupid foot injury. I am up to 3 whole miles of running before my calf and foot get tight. I know, I know, I am a rock star. 3 miles. Wow. I am so frustrated with this injury. The absolute worst part is that running is my sanity. To be stressed out and not able to run is just awful. I like to run until I'm exhausted, and I always feel better. Now I barely break a sweat. I miss the quiet, too.

I am taking the minimalist approach to healing - I'm trying to strengthen my foot and increase my flexibility instead of having to rely on orthotics, night braces, etc. I think overall this is a better approach, it just means I have to rebuild slowly and let my body adapt. I've been trying to stretch at home and do yoga. I think when look at pools, I'm going to find someplace that also has yoga classes.

Over the weekend (and after a *few* libations) I offered to pace JB, another area ultra runner, on her first 100 at Rocky Raccoon in February. Apparently, I'm optimistic when I've been drinking. I did tell her to only count on me for 20 miles, and I think that is a very realistic goal by Feb. If I pick her up at mile 60 or mile 80, I assumes I can keep pace for 20 miles. I wish I could give her 40, but hopefully she'll have another pacer to help. Here's a picture from the night in question. No, I don't plan on running in my Wicked Witch costume.

We have finally had some decent weather this weekend and I was able to get 25 miles on my bike on Saturday and Sunday. I'm planning on a 4 mile run tonight. Hopefully the warmer weather will help my calf tightness. I'm working on my racing schedule for next year, hopefully I'll have that sorted out in the next few weeks.


Danny Miller said...

I'm glad you'll be down in Huntsville! The more the merrier.

Who's JB?

Sam said...

Jen Bernstein. She and her husband recently moved here from CA, I believe.

John's talking about doing the 50, so we'll be there for sure!

Danny Miller said...

John will like the 50 there. It's a comfy run compared to Heartland.