Well, I am happy to report that I have now ran over 5 miles without any pain! Woo hoo! This weekend, I'm going to run for an hour and see how that goes. I may try for 6-7 miles on Thursday, depending on the weather. While it's nice to be working upwards, I am feeling out of (running) shape for sure. Although I've noticed whenever KM and have an "easy" run, we never actually take it easy. I think we both like running fast too much. That's why she's a great friend and running partner - she never lets me slack off! I need to keep adding miles. I read today that it's only 11 weeks until Rocky and I've promised JB to pace. It will be my first time pacing, her first 100 and I definitely don't want to disappoint. I would love to offer her 40...

I finally joined a pool and have had some fantastic pool workouts. I put in 2500yd on Saturday, with some hard sets in the middle, sprints towards the end and a couple hundred yards of breath control. I was getting some funny looks at the end of my sprints. Apparently I was the only person swimming until my lungs were screaming. It's a good feeling. :)

I am still procrastinating on signing up for NOLA. I'm waiting for life to settle down a bit, but I should know by now that never happens. I should just take the plunge. That's what all this swim training is for, right?

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Samantha said...

Glad to hear running is going well and well done with the swimming!!

Looking forward to your next season to see again...how much stronger you have gotten!!