Everybody out of the pool! Some little kid shat themselves and forced the rest of us out of the pool. Watch your step! Someone stepped in it and drug it all over the pool deck. Since the pool was closed, there were about 20 8-year olds in the locker room who all just HAD to shower. *Giggle, giggle* I saw her butt! I am looking for a new pool and I can now cross that one off the list.

I ran for the first time in two weeks today. I ran 2 miles and then walked a mile home. So far, no foot problems. I might try to do 3-4 miles tomorrow. Everything felt tight; foot, calves, hips, back and shoulders. And it felt painfully slow, but I am recovering and probably should not be putting in any hard miles just yet. I'm going to do yoga before bed.

I'm looking at the New Orleans 70.3 in April, which means I need to start training soon. I'm waiting to sign up until November. We'll be in NOLA for the weekend and I want to take a look at Lake Pontchartrain before I pay the fee. Next season, I want to do 2 half Ironmans, one in April and possibly the new Branson race in September. By the end of the season, I'm hoping to try for a 5:30. I know a sub-6:00 is just around the corner and I'd like to set my sights a little higher. It should be good motivation to workout this winter. The trainer is my friend.

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