Does this count?

Does sprinting through an airport with a carry-on count as speed work? If so, I put in my first speed session since Heartland on Sunday. As I was running down the terminal, I realized how much I miss running fast. At least it didn't hurt my foot.

I've only run once since last Thursday, an easy 4 miler with KM (formerly KT). I haven't been on the bike in about a week or done any swimming. But I've been logging 10 hr days at work consistently. Tonight I'm joining a community center so I'll have a nice place to swim (and do yoga). If the weather is decent this weekend, I'm going to try 5 miles on the trails and hopefully put in 30 miles on my bike. I still haven't signed up for New Orleans 70.3 yet. Maybe I should - that would force me to put together (and follow) a training plan, work be damned.

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Samantha said...

Gotta get your training in where ya can. :p Maybe next time try hurdling a few crowd control ropes.

Hope things slow down for ya, and you get back to no injury training!

AND YES, sign up for the 70.3....it gives ya a "HAVE TO" date. :)