Stir crazy

This whole "can't run because I'm injured" thing stinks. My foot was slowly getting better. On Thursday I went in for acupuncture, which was an experience in itself. I don't know how much it helped, but I did notice that on Friday the swelling in my foot was completely gone. None. I could once again see the tendons and veins in my feet. They had disappeared for a few days and were replaced by puffy, bruised skin. That was a good sign.

On Friday, it only was mildly sore when I put weight on it in the morning and was fine later in the day. Then on Saturday I walked a few miles while watching several friends run in the KC marathon and 1/2 marathon (including KT, who ran a PR and qualified for Boston with a 3:32!! She is back to being referred to as my Wicked Fast Friend! Go KT!). By the end of the day on Saturday, my foot hurt sitting or standing or completely elevated with no weight on it at all. Crap. Two steps forward and one step back. John tried to massage my calves and feet and my calves were so knotted, it hurt his hands. I've been stretching and doing yoga at home, slowly gaining back some flexibility.

It's feeling better today, and I think this weekend I may try to run 2-3 miles or until my foot hurts, whichever comes first. Tonight I'm biking around the airport, just to be outside and get my HR up. I don't like doing nothing. I need to run. I've swam a few times since Heartland and I'm trying to find a new pool for winter. Biking tonight should help, but I love to run. I miss throwing on my shoes and cruising through the neighborhood or hitting the trails and running through the trees. Absence makes the heart grow fonder...

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Samantha said...

Ouchy, sorry to hear about your footie but make sure you take care of yourself. Maybe do some pool running or elliptical work to help with the needed non-impact time.

Plus ya always have your bike. Can't wait to see ya race next year...you're going to be even stronger!! :))