Plantar Fasciitis

Oh, Plantar Fasciitis, how I loathe thee. You are the thorn in my shoe, the sting in my step. Because of you, I watch the leaves change from the couch instead of splashing through their bright color, breathless, like a child. I have befriended the ice pack and abandoned my stilettos. Have you no mercy?

With a little over a week until Heartland, I have been forced into tapering early. This is my first bout with PF and hopefully my last. It is a cruel joke, after successfully training for 10+ weeks and running some of the fastest miles of my life, that my left foot is hobbled. I pushed my body too far and now I’m paying the price. At least I am close enough to the race that I can’t gain much physically by running, I can only do harm. The psychological damage from being forced to sit still has yet to be determined.


Barefoot Josh said...

Take it easy, and soon enough you will be flying through the finish at Heartland. I think I am supposed to make some barefoot running solves world hunger comment here, but I'll save it since you are a far better runner than I. Today I (once again) couldn't quite complete a marathon distance.

In any event, just remember that running is a joy greater than one errant race.

Christi said...

Take it easy and hell fast!!!

Sam said...

Josh, I was expecting a dissertation on how barefoot running would cure all of my ailments, including memory loss and poison ivy. :)

For once I am taking it easy and listening to what my "doctor" says.