Back on Track

Last week John and I were in London and Paris, so other than LOTS of walking, I did nothing. I brought my running shoes with good intentions, but let's be serious - we were in Europe!

I am glad to be home, and after some All-Bran, fresh fruits and veggies, and an 8 mile run around the neighborhood, I fell like at least I am heading back in the right direction. My run was great, not fast, but I felt good and my HR was lower than I was expecting. Dinner was cranberry oatmeal with extra cranberries and whey protein. Not the greatest, but not the worst.

Tomorrow I am doing a brick on the trainer and then around the neighborhood since it's supposed to be in the 40s, then swim on Wednesday and run at WyCo on Thursday. John's out of town tomorrow and Wed, so I'm flying solo for a couple days. Good time to attack my training plan!


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