Young and Hip and Cool

I took some time well-deserved time off after the 50k. I put in a few easy work outs and we did a lot of work on the house. We took our time off and decided to have a little fun, too. And why not? We're young, 20-something professionals. We're hip and cool, right?

It started with a Friday night at the Power & Light district. We met some friends for drinks and bad 80's music. We still made it home by 11 pm, but I drank much more than I usually do, since Saturday mornings are usually my long run. That rolled into a very busy Saturday and Sunday at the house. (You can check out our progress at Our First House)

Monday I woke up with a cold. Nothing too bad, but I was congested. Tuesday night we went to the Flogging Molly show, which was awesome. Home by 11:30, but then I had to be up at 4:30 am for a site visit near St. Louis on Wednesday. I can handle this, I'm young, with lots of energy!

By Wednesday afternoon, I was going downhill, fast. Nevertheless, when the neighbors asked if I wanted a beer, I couldn't say no. I'm young and hip and cool! A beer turned into 5 or 6, followed by pizza. I had a great time and it was a lot of fun, but probably not the wisest choice.

Thursday I woke up, called in sick and went back to sleep until 1:30 pm. My little cold had turned into a full-blown chest congestion and it was difficult to breathe. So much for the healing powers of beer. I still don't have a voice but at least the headache seems to have subsided.

All this only shows that I am not young and hip and cool. At least not if I want to be healthy. I need 8 hours of sleep every night and limited alcohol on weekends. I also prefer to work out than to lay on the couch. While some people can go drinking mid-week and live on 4 hours of sleep, I am not one of those people and I'm OK with that. I'd rather spend my Saturday mornings on a long trail run than in bed coughing or hung over anyway.

I'm on the upswing now and I'm hoping to get back to a normal training schedule this week. Lesson learned.

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Samantha said...

LOL...oh how true how true.
Amazing how the wheels can come off the cart so quickly...and with not much effort. *looking for some crazy glue to cement those darn things on*

You had fun...thats what matters! Hope you're feeling better. The crude is no good..EVER!

I can't believe Boise is only 100 days away.....