Trail Nerd Swag

At our usual Thursday night run, John and I had a nice surprise. Bad Ben gave the two of us hats for being "Thursday night anchors" and leading the group runs at WyCo. I'll go ahead and admit it - I'm a total dork and this really made my night.
It made my night for two reasons. 1. It's a nice Sweat Vac hat and I could use another running hat. 2. It was nice being called an anchor. And yes, I take being called an anchor as a compliment. :) We've been running consistenly on Thursdays since July (and only recently do I not get lost).

We do Thursday nights because we love it. It's the one group event I do a week and I even plan around it. The guys at work know I won't work past 6 on Thursdays and I even turned down playing on a beer league sand volleyball team because the games were on Thursdays nights. Now that's dedication.

So if you're ever in KC on a Thursday night and want a personal tour of some of the best trails in the area, you know where I'll be. And I'll be wearing a pink hat.

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sophianchor said...

I'm so glad you love the pink hat!! I'll wear mine this week too, and we can match.

Big Muddy Hug,
aka: Bad Ben's Mudbabe