Where did spring go?

My daffodils looked much happier on Saturday when it was 60 and sunny. Yesterday, I could have sworn we were back in January for how crappy the weather was. We helped out Bad Ben at his aid station for Brew to Brew. I think 38 degrees, sleeting, and 30 mph winds is quite possibly the worst weather to run in. Or be outside in, period. But if it wasn't for the weather, I wouldn't have had the latest in trash-bag fashion. I'll post some pics when I get them. (Hint hint, Sophia :) )

Between the rain and the PBR Fairy on Friday night, I didn't do much this weekend. Which was kinda nice, but also means I have ten mile runs back to back this week. I did 11 tonight, and I really noticed how much pavement sucks. My knees were starting to hurt, so I think tomorrow I may ride an hour and then run an hour to give my knees a break. Actually, I'm icing my knees right now. Damn pavement.

Then again, if it's nice out, I may just head to SMP and put in 9 miles on trails, bibke be damned. We did run on Sunday, so it wasn't a complete waste, just not the 20 miles we both had planned. That just leaves me with a small issue - biking. My White Lightning still hasn't shown up, so that's my current excuse. Hopefully before this weekend, and I can get outside.

This Saturday, I AM RUNNING AT WYCO. 2 loops. Hopefully the weather will be nicer. Although after running last night and again tonight, there is something to be said for running in crap-tastic weather. It gives you a much bigger sense of accomplishment, I think. "Did you see the game last night?" "No, I was out running 11 miles in 30 mph wind." Alright, so my answer is always just no, the last part is in my head. But knowing I was out there always makes me smile.

My tulips aren't far behind my daffodils. I'll post pictures when we have some sunshine.

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