Fair Weather Fitness Fans

Spring is in the air and I couldn't be happier! All of the usual signs are there: my tulips are coming up and the red buds are getting ready to pop. And of course, one of the clearest signs of spring - the fair weather runners are back!

I'm always somewhat amused by the people out running this time of year, especially when they're huffing and puffing like it's their first run since Labor Day. And maybe it is. I think it's great their out there running and being active, but a little part of me gets possessive of the streets in my area. I ran here all winter, in snow and rain and temps below 0, when no "normal" person would want to be outside, and that makes the streets mine. But I guess I can share. After all, that was me a few years ago.

But maybe that's why I like running in the rain so much. The streets clear out and there are no strollers or dogs, it's just me and my empty streets. When you do see another runner out on a crappy day, you always says hi or wave. There is a connection when you run in the rain - you'd rather be outside in the rain than be relegated to a dreadmill in a gym somewhere, or worse yet, sitting on your couch.

Trails are the same. You don't run trails because that's an easy option. So when you see or meet others on the trail, you always say hi, just because you have the wilderness in common.

I know that fair weather runners will come and go. When the temps hit 90, the streets will again clear. And I'll still be running, praying for winter. :)

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Samantha said...

I hear ya Sam. Unfortunately we have good weather all year round...so ppl out all the time! :)
75 days to go.....SO EXCITED!!!

Hows Paris? I think that's where you are. :)