Quiet Night

Last night at Wyco was awesome! With the moon nearly full and all the leaves off the trees, it was really bright. It wasn't too cold but the ground was firm. And no cougar sightings, either!

We had four people show up, which is a big crowd for Thursdays lately. Where are our regulars?!? We seem to have lost runners to the cold weather. It's too bad really, because night running at Wyco with a bright moon is one of the coolest running experiences I've ever had. It's only better when the moon is full and there's a fresh coat of snow on the ground. John and I are going to start sending out reminder emails to hopefully get some of our runners back.

Since it was so bright,we even ventured into Megerson Mound, where I was lost a few months ago. With the moon so bright, it was like running at day time. We made it through without losing anyone and were able to do a full 7 mile run instead of the shorter 5-milers we've been doing lately without the more experienced Nerds. A few more times through Megerson Mound and I might be willing to try it on my own.

We did about 7 miles in 1:25 and I burned about 840 calories. We were a little slower than usual, but that's good since I'm doing another 7-8 miles tonight and a full loop at Wyco tomorrow. If I get 8 miles in tonight and 10 tomorrow, I'll have 36 miles this week. That is my biggest weekly total ever! And it's only going up from here. Next week, I have 40 miles scheduled. I'm starting to feel a little better about the 50k. It will be slow, and probably painful, but I know I can do it.

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Samantha said...

I have NO DOUBT you can do it!!
That run sounds beautiful, glad you had fun!!