Good Day, Sunshine!

Today has been gorgeous! After this last week, 30 degrees and sunny is a welcome change. During our weekly run on Thursday, my hand-held water bottle froze in my hand and I had icicles on my eyelashes when we got back to the cars! But we had a good turn out and it was a pretty good run. I was cold since I stayed back to make sure some newbies didn't get lost. But I remember what it was like the first time I ran with the Nerds - scary!

This morning John and I were out at Wyco and did a winter loop, so 10 miles. We even were able the Triangle, a section of trail similar to the Bermuda Triangle - runners go in, never to be seen again. OK, it's not that bad, but it can be a very confusing section and the entrance is really hard to find.

We did it in about 2:15 which sounds slow for 10 miles, but only if you've never ran that course before. 2:15 is a solid pace, probably much faster than what I'll average at Psycho Wyco and I don't feel completely wiped out or sore from it. I'm feeling much better about the 50k. I know it will be hard, but I am confident that I can finish and that is my main priority. I'm hoping to get back out and do another loop tomorrow, maybe with an extra 2 miles or so.

My hips have been bothering me since Christmas, so I finally went to a chiropractor today and he adjusted my spine (but not my neck). It feels much better, but my lower back muscles are sore from the adjustment. A little ice and Bio Freeze tonight and it should be fine. John noticed my running form looked awkward at the hips, so probably another reason for the adjustment. I go back next week for another. I used to go in once a month while training, and it really helped. Or if I do yoga, I have absolutely no back problems at all. The trouble is finding the time to practice.

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Samantha said...

That sound like a great run Sam! Congrats!
Hey try really stretching your hip flexors and your posterior leg muscles. I think it will help.