Bumps and Bruises

I know that "acute" injuries are one of the hazards of trail running, and it's a risk I'm willing to take. And I'll admit I've never been accused of being graceful, but this last bruise was ridiculous. Even for me, even while trail running During our chilly run last Thursday, we were WALKING up a hill and I saw a large branch in the trail.
Brain says "Oh, there's a large branch. Legs, makes sure you step over it."
Legs say "Duh... what did you....."
Down I went and landed with my left knee cap squarely on the frozen branch. It hurt at the time, since the week before I fell going up the stairs and landed so hard I cracked the grout in our tile, and I managed to land on that same bruise. It is starting to turn a lovely shade of greenish-purple, so I thought I'd share. There's a nice goose-egg there as well, but you lose it in the flash.
Clearly, the ballet lessons in second grade never took.


Patricio said...

Hey Sam, how are you? long time no read.. :)
Been tryimng to ctach up on blogs. Sorry u fell... hope it's nothing serious and it is not affecting the training.
Looks like training goes well tho. Cool stuff!

Samantha said...

Hey Grace, How's charm school?? jk
Thats it though....I'm officially wrapping you in bubble wrap!! It will be your suit of armour against all foreign invaders....branches and cougars alike!!

but on a serious note: Sorry about the tumble....take care of yourself. However I understand the legs dont listen sometimes thing....I once had a mean 'ol branch jump up off of the pavment and trip me...talk about feeling like a complete TOOL.....oh wait I am a complete TOOL. Oh well..bk to my ignorant bliss better know as my life. LMAO!

See ya in like 140 days!!!