Back to the grind

With the holidays officially over, I am somewhat relieved to be back into my normal routine. Sort of. Last night I cut my 2-lap run down to one due to an impromptu gathering of neighbors over beer and tacos. It was a sacrifice worth making.

Since I was cutting it short, I decided to do a tempo run. I did the 3.8 mile loop in 32:01, for about an 8:25 min.mile pace. Not too bad considering it was cold out, I didn't warm up, and I haven't done a tempo run in months. Tonight I am doing the full 2 laps I was supposed to yesterday, but at a slower pace.

Tomorrow I am planning on a trip to the gym. I know, I know, it has been months since I've done any strength training so I am expecting to be very sore afterwards. But my lower back has been bothering me since travelling and the only way it will get better is through core training and better stretching. For me, strength training is like flossing - I don't do it as much as I should.

I have also come to the realization that morning swimming probably won't be happening for a few more weeks. Good thing they have evening hours as well. I have good intentions, but I am so darn tired in the mornings. I'm hoping it's due to Holidays Hangover and in a month or so (when we have more sunlight as well) I'll be excited about morning swimming again.

John is putting together my strength training routine tonight and my goal is to sit down and come up with a training plan through February. It's about time.

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Samantha said...

How's the training plan coming?
Beer and tacos.....who doesn't have time for that!!