Halloween Weekend

What gorgeous weather for the first weekend in November!

Saturday morning John and I got up and went for a run at WyCo. It was pretty cool - it was really foggy which made for a great Halloween run.

I wanted something a little different, so we started from the ranger station and ran the Three Hills section of trail (which I've never run before) to Shelter 10 and then to the archery range. I found a map of WyCo and it's currently on my fridge. My goal is to run the other sections I'm not familiar with on the weekend when it's light outside. Three Hills is much more difficult heading back towards the ranger station that it is heading out.

It ended up being a very enjoyable 6 miles or so. John still hasn't been feeling well, so he was fine with my pace. I had wanted to go through Fester's Wander, but John wasn't feeling well and I rolled my ankle, so we called it a day early. Next weekend I'd like to do the same stretch and add Fester's Wander. The best part was after the 6 miles I wasn't tired and definitely felt like a few more miles would have been fun. We weren't moving at a blazing speed, but I'm hoping that in the next few months I can put in a full loop at WyCo, or even more.

I had order a bun of stuff from Zombie Runner that came so I tried out my new water bottle pack and Moeben sleeves. The pack will take a little getting used to, but I really like running hands free. The sleeves I love! Mine are zebra striped. They were perfect with short sleeves in the 50 degree weather. I figure they will come in handy in the spring cycling season, too.

Then last night we had a Halloween party to go to and we were the Jetsons. Lots of food and beer but we were still in bed by midnight. Just goes to show we're getting old I guess. And if you don't know who the Jetsons are, then I'm afraid we can't be friends.

While the weather is so nice, I have a 4-5 miles run in town planned for this afternoon. That will give me about 25 miles for the week. I didn't get any long runs in, but that's the most consistent I've been since triathlon training. We all have to start somewhere.

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Samantha said...

Sounds like a great run, and DON'T ya just love arm warmers! I have some Sugoi ones that look like tattoos and I love them. Would much prefer to wear them and or leg warmers so I can take off when I get hot ..unlike when you wear long sleeves or tights. PPL always call me nuts because I wear them all winter....which of course I answer....Yeah I'm nuts and your point is????

Great Costumes, you guys look great!