Out of the woods

Figuratively, not literally. Unfortunately, John has not been feeling so well so I'll probably be running on my own all week. I am finally feeling better and I had an excellent run last night at SMP with the Nerds. We had a large group, too. I was a little surprised since it's getting colder and most people don't like running in the cold. Another reason I like the Nerds. I shouldn't even be typing this, but I'm looking forward to running in the snow this winter.

After getting lost at WyCo the other week, I decided I should do some homework and learn the trails a little better so I won't get lost again. For WyCo, that's going to take a while. But I found a map of SMP (courtesy of the Nerds, of course) and the trails really made sense last night. I think I'd be OK running there on my own one of these days. I'm hoping that starting in the next week or two, I can get to SMP early on Tuesdays for an additional 2-2.5 miles before running with the Nerds.
Tonight I am doing something I have been dreading for a while - putting my bike on the trainer. Since I'm going to be increasing my running miles, I need at least one day of biking to prevent any knee injuries. So tonight I'm cleaning my bike and spinning, hopefully for about an hour. We'll see how long it is before I'm bored out of my mind. Thank God I just downloaded new songs to my phone!


Patricio said...

Wow Sam, sounds like you are ruling those trails, thath's awesome, great for ya!

In my experience your best bet on the trainer is watching some TV or better yet a movie, other wise it can get boring as hell!

Do you belong to a gym? I ask cuz you can do their spinning classes, they are a lot of fun and excellent work out.


Samantha said...

LOL..yeah the riding trainer is sorta like watching paint dry! WHOOP WHOOP! But its a useful tool, so we gotta suck it up sometimes.

And if you run alone on those trails make sure you tell someone where you're running and DO NOT WEAR A RED CAPE! You know what happened to Little Red Riding Hood when she took off into the woods! ;)

Enjoy the trails, looks like fun!