16 weeks

I've started looking at my extended schedule to see what I want to train for and what my new goals will be.

There is Boise, obviously, in sub-6 hours as I keep repeating. For that to happen, I need to swim with a Master's group this winter, bike enough to keep fitness until I'm back outside, and run. Lots.

There is Psycho WyCo. That would be my longest running race by a factor of 2.37. I started looking at the calendar to see if this is not a reasonable goal. But the race is a little over 16 weeks away and I think I can safely ramp up my running miles in that amount of time. (This is where being married to another runner is definitely a good thing)

But now I am entering unchartered territory. I currently am at about 20-25 miles per week. For a 50k race, what is the appropriate milage to shoot for? I think swimming one day, biking one day, and running 5 days is reasonable. What about a rest day? Maybe double up the swimming and biking and then take a complete rest day. What about long runs? Does the 70% rule apply? Too much, too little? At least the course is close and I run there every week. I see that as a definite advantage. And then there's nutrition. I'm not even going to touch that one right now.

What will be interesting to watch is my knee. I'm hoping that biking once a week and running (mostly) on trails rather than pavement will keep knee pain at bay. It's never an issue while tri-training, but I had problems when I was training for my first 1/2 and did nothing but run on pavement (I didn't know any better, I swear!)

If nothing else, it should be a good strategy to keep the holiday pounds off. More time running means less time sitting (and eating).

I really can't think past Psycho Wyco and Boise right now. Maybe as I get closer, a 50 miler or a tri AG top-3 will show up on my radar, but one thing at a time. I have a few questions I need to answer before I bite off more than I can chew.


sophianchor said...

Hi Sam!
It was fun running with you guys-- sheesh, in August. Time flying. I might be able to help you with the mileage/ biking/swiming/ life balance-- for your psycho training. If you'd like. So excited you're going to do it.

Chloe said...

That is how I feel right now. Just trying to fill up time inbetween 70.3 New Orleans and now. Marathons? Half Marathons? Who knows. I feel your pain!

Patricio said...

Great goals Sam! I'm pretty sure you'll be able to achieve them.. go for it!
CONGRATS on your half mara PR too! That is fantastic, well done!
Also, there is going to be an event in KC in Aug. It will be an Ultramax race, not sure if it wil be a tri or a run race (prolly a tri): http://ultramaxtri.com/index.php

Samantha said...

You do awesome whatever path you take!

Looking forward to racing with ya in Boise. :)