I'm married to an Ultra runner!

Woo Hoo! John completed his first 50k this weekend in WI! Here's his race report:


I'm so proud of him! While it's a "baby" by most ultra standards, it's farther than I've ever gone and after a full day in the car!

I was there to spectate and even though the weather was kinda crummy, I had a lot of fun. I hiked 1.7 miles to the first aid station (which was also #2 and #3) and watched John come through at miles 6 and 11. They were a little short-handed so I stayed and directed traffic for the 1/2 marathon and 10k races that were coming through. I also took care of some clothes for one of the 50k runners that didn't have a drop bag. I managed to catch him at the finish line to return them, as well. I didn't realize you could drive to that aid station, but I'm glad I took the trail. It was absolutely gorgeous and made me wish I was running.

While directing traffic, I saw an old friend from Platteville and managed to hike back to the finish line and catch up with him. He was 5th overall in the 10k. It helps to have been a college track runner.

I saw the winners in the 50 mile race finish and I believe Nikki Kimball was there. Otherwise there is another phenomenal female ultra runner with red curly hair. She won the women's race and looked fantastic after 50 miles. I can only aspire to what these runners do. I'm looking forward to my own ultra journey. Starting with a 4-miler tonight. :)

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Samantha said...

If I can do it Sam, I KNOW you can and will someday soon I suspect!

Nice selection of beers you guys picked up. Enjoy those!!