Good News in Babyland

Week 37
Today I was back in at the specialist's office for ultrasound #6.  The good news is that while the fluid was still there, the levels were lower than last week, which means the fluid back-up is dynamic.  I guess that's a good thing?  The specialist didn't see anything else that was concerning.  She was going to send her report to my OB and our pediatrician.  The pediatrician will do an ultrasound at OP's 2 week check up after he's here in the  outside world.  That was what I was hoping to hear.
The specialist and sonographer were both impressed with his acrobatics and thought Optimus Prime was a very fitting name.  I told them his movements during the appointment were nothing compared to what he does at night.  We were able to get some good pictures this week. 
37 weeks
 Tell me that's not the cutest nose you've ever seen!

Trying to shove his hand in his mouth

 Here's a bonus belly shot from this weekend.  A friend took this shot while screwing around with a new camera lens.  Yeah, he's pretty good.

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