Not Again

Week 36, 4 days

I was in for my weekly OB appointment yesterday and I also had another ultrasound.  My fundal measurement has been low for the few appointments, so my OB just wanted to make sure growth and fluid levels were OK.  It was also a good time to double check that he is head down and pointed in the right direction.

He is head down.  He is also completely normal sized, I just have a small sized belly.  They estimated him at 6 lb (but the tolerance is +/- 2 lb, so don't think that is accurate at all).  Everything looked good, except...


Abnormal results. 

Let me double check these numbers are correct.

Seriously?  I have to go through this crap again?  Apparently, OP has fluid on his kidneys and the standard procedure is to be referred to the high risk specialist.  Again.  Another wait, yet another ultrasound (this will be #6).  At least I know where their office is.

The good news (really?) is that this is more common in boys and it could resolve itself on its own.  Also, I'm almost 37 weeks, so very close to delivery and almost considered full-term.  That's good since there is nothing they can do for fluid on the kidneys while baby is in utero. 

There are a few causes: 1) Since baby is so cramped, if his urethra is "kinked" he may not be able to easily empty his bladder which results in a back up of fluid and usually resolves itself.  2) He could have a faulty or deficient valve, which usually resolves itself after birth.  3) The Big Scary Unknown.

There are a few options for treatment: 1) If fluid levels decrease by my appt on Monday, they could say it's fine and no need for further monitoring.  2) If fluid levels are the same or increased, the pediatrician will do an ultrasound of his kidneys after birth and again at his first few appointments to make sure it's dissipating on it's own.  If not, see #3 in the above paragraph.  3) They find something else on the next ultrasound (see #3 above) and we're referred on to a pediatric nephrologist.  That sounds like tons of fun.

So I guess I'll post more on Monday after my second visit to the specialist.  I'm assuming it's nothing.  Just like I assumed (correctly) that even though I was measuring small, he was totally normal.

But someone really should tell medical professionals that you cannot credibly use the phrases "high risk specialist" and "don't worry" in the same sentence.  I may be a first-time mom, but I'm not stupid.

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Christi said...

I am sending all my prayers to you and the baby!