Week 38

Oh man oh man, are we getting close now!  OP is still as active as ever.  We've started calling him Lumpy.  He has lots of names - OP, Lumpy, Offspring, the Spawn, everything except a real name.

One thing John and I have noticed is the tendency of men to over share private information related to their wives giving birth.  One former professor shared in intimate detail of how far dilated and effaced his wife was.  He even charted it and had a trendline showing her labor progression.  The poor woman didn't even know he was sharing this information with grad students.

Then there was John's former classmate and his wife who recently had their third child.  He had no problem sharing with John how far dilated and effaced his wife was in the weeks leading up to delivery.

Just last week, one of John's co-workers was recounting when his wife gave birth (some 20+ years ago) and how "... it always took her forever to get to 3 cm, but once we got to 3 cm, it was whoosh!"  And the whoosh was accompanied by hand motions.

I forbade, FORBADE John from sharing with anyone any information regarding my cervix.  I don't think this is unreasonable.  I'd prefer if everyone thought a stork dropped the little guy off and we just had to go to the hospital to pick him up.  There is no privacy or dignity in giving birth but I'd prefer to keep the public display of body parts, functions, etc, to the medical professionals who are actually helping deliver my son.

The only excuse I can think of, is that all of these men are engineers and engineers typically digest numerical information better than other types of information.  Maybe charting labor progression and talking about dilation is the only way they can cope with the strange (and gross) miracle of birth.  Either way guys, seriously, STOP OVERSHARING.  Your wives would no be happy to know you are talking about their cervix with co-workers, friends, and acquaintances.

In other Babyland news, my friend J & B, who were due on Nov 14, had their daughter this last weekend!  It was good motivation for John to finally break down the spare bed and get the crib set up in the baby's room.  We're ready, or at least as ready as we can be!

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