The Home Stretch

Week 36
Ah, week 36.  Officially less than a month to go and OP will officially considered full-term next week.  We're getting close to the end and I think I've finally convinced John we should take care of the spare bed and order the crib.
Other to do's in the next few weeks:  meet with the Maternity Care coordinator at the hospital, fill out pre-registration paperwork, pack my bag for the hospital, have final meeting with Catherine the Doula, pick a pediatrician, get organized at work to transfer project to non-pregnant co-workers and eventually install the car seat.  We already picked a pediatrician and I sent in my pre-registration paperwork (although I never received a confirmation).  We have meetings next week at the hospital and with Catherine.  I'm in the process of transition all of my active projects at work and making a map of my desk for when I'm gone.
Besides that, we finally got our chest freezer up and running and I'm planning on cooking and freezing food this weekend.  I have a hair cut and wax scheduled for next week.  (Side note: personal grooming becomes much more challenging with a basketball-sized belly.  Toe nails are the least of my worries)  
35 or 36 weeks, I can't remember
I have definitely reached the "this isn't really fun anymore" stage although, I don't know when I thought this was particularly fun to be with.  Interesting yes, entertaining at times certainly, but if there wasn't a kiddo on the other end, I wouldn't be signing up for this crap.

I've tried to limit my complaining since most women have it much worse.  But seriously, the indignities just keep piling on.  I thought I might make it through without stretch marks.  Nope.  I can barely bend over.  If it's after 2 pm, you can assume I'm exhausted and thinking about how long before I can go to bed.  And the heartburn, the HEARTBURN!  Christ almighty, if I bend at the waist, I get heartburn.  Oatmeal has given me heartburn.  It is never ending.  I just keep telling myself, soon, very soon, OP will be on the outside and unable to make me vomit by kicking my internal organs.  I'll gladly take feedings and changings if I'm not dry heaving from the constant heartburn.

Poor Portland played guinea pig again.  This time, he tried on the Packer onesies I bought for OP.  Portland is clearly NOT a newborn.  And just so you don't think that I favor one cat over the other, I used Nera to practice swaddling.  I figured if you can swaddle a cat you can swaddle a newborn.  I didn't get a picture but I need to practice so I may try again.  I got 3 out of 4 paws and her tail, so I thought that was pretty good.

Portland is a fan, but not really tiny.
Hopefully we'll get more stuff knocked off our list this weekend.  Next week, I'll get my bag packed and post what all we're taking with.  4 more weeks!

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