Jeepers Crimeny!

Sometimes you just gotta cut loose and celebrate. And this last week, celebrate I did. First, there was the Sunday night Super Bowl party with an impressive spread and a keg. Since we were lucky enough to watch our beloved Packers win, we stayed longer to celebrate than was probably necessary.

Then on Monday I worked until 6:30, on Tuesday I worked until 7. The temps last week were in the sub-zero range so I did not run before work. I'm pretty bad at working out after a late day at the office and I don't sleep well if I work out after 7 or 8 pm.

Then there was my birthday.

Drinks and food with friends on Wednesday since John had to work until 8. Dinner and wine with John on Thursday. On Friday, I stopped to see my friend who just started chemo and went out to dinner with her family. Yesterday, I had an 8 hour review course. Today, only 6 hours. Either way, I've been eating, drinking, and working too much and now I'm paying the price.
A 5 mile run this morning at a 9 min pace was about all I could handle. The GI aftermath was more than I could handle. I think my pants felt a little tight this morning. As we say in WI, jeepers crimeny. I keep saying this, but I seriously need to get back on the exercise bandwagon. Hopefully, with the Packer football season and my birthday behind me, I can try to find some normalcy. The weather also appears to be warming up and the days are getting longer. At least I'll be running out of excuses.

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Christi said...

Happy Birthday and congrats to your Packers!