I got completely schooled at the pool on Friday by a woman in her 50s. And I was totally fine with it. I enjoy seeing older women at the pool or gym and while it is humbling, I do enjoy seeing them totally kick ass. Hopefully I'll be one of those ass kickers when I'm silver-topped spitfire.

Usually, I hate tapering. It drives me crazy and makes me feel bloated. But for once, I'm actually looking forward to this taper. Rest, food, stretching, and sleep sound great. This morning was my last run before the race. I've been riding a lot and my quads are praying for a few days off. I was going to swim tonight, but when I realized my legs were tired walking down the stairs, I thought an afternoon off was a good idea.

I haven't really set any goals for this race other than I want to have fun. Of course, I'd love to PR and I think I'm capable if I have a good day. But as anyone who races can tell you, a bad day can throw a monkey wrench into any race. So I'm going into this race without any expectations.

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Christi said...

Good luck with your race!

I want to be one of those cool kick ass older women also!