Peer Pressure

I am such a sucker when it comes to peer pressure! I swore it would be long time before I wanted to do another 50 mile trail race after the beating Heartland handed me. But I signed up for the Rocky Raccoon 50 and then regretted it immediately.

I have 4 other friends running it and KM is coming down to crew so it seemed like a good idea. Then I ran 11 miles this weekend and it totally kicked my butt. Clearly, I've been riding more than running and I'm a little worried about my running base. Forget Rocky for a minute, I'm worried about Redman. I'll be disappointed in myself if I survive the swim, have a good bike and then burn up 3 miles into the run. We'll have to wait and see for Redman.

Rocky will be fun, at least as much fun as running 50 miles can be. Sometimes I wonder about the decisions I make. When it comes to racing, I just can't say no. The good thing is my friends all seem excited about it and their enthusiasm is contagious.

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Christi said...

I totally understand! I fall to peer pressure when it comes to events also! I just can't say no.