It's a Girl!

Born: Sept 2, 2010
Weight: 17 lb
Name: Well, it's too early for that but I have a few ideas.
I would like to officially welcome the newest set of wheels to the family! She's a 2010 Felt ZW6 frame with 2011 ZW5 components (carbon fiber, full 105 group set). The saddle is a demo Fizik saddle from the bike shop. It's a little pricey, but I'm pretty close to ordering one. On her inaugural ride yesterday, the saddle got more comfortable the longer we rode. That never happens! I'm going to ride it the rest of the week before I decide.

I have to give a huge thanks to Cycle City up in Parkville, MO. Those guys were awesome! When they couldn't get the 2011 ZW5 in before November, they offered to take the new 105s off the only 2011 they had and put it on the 2010 frame, which was my size. And for once, I had a positive customer service experience with a bike shop. My only complaint - I wish they were closer. Thanks Joe!


Ron said...

ohhh she is pretty. Congrats!

Christi said...